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R&O Energy provides seismic permitting services which simultaneously utilize GIS mapping and database data capture throughout the United States. Our agents apply their vast oil & gas industry knowledge and expertise — as well as the experience communicating and negotiating with private landowners, commercial landowners and local, state and national government offices — necessary to acquire approvals on 2D and 3D seismic permits in a timely and efficient manner.

We know seismic permitting can be exhausting, so we contract skilled field agents to meet our clients’ needs by communicating pertinent project information throughout the process. This turnkey, customer service-centric approach to seismic permitting is what drives our clients’ trust in R&O for their most crucial seismic projects.

We also recognize that the landowners might not understand all of the information being delivered to them. To help with this, we contract experienced, knowledgeable field experts who can provide information in a manner that clearly explains all necessary details. By informing and educating the landowners, our team is able to help them make the appropriate decisions quickly so the process continues seamlessly.