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With over half a million net mineral acres acquired/divested on behalf of numerous clients in various plays, R&O possesses the experience and knowledge required to complete your transaction accurately and within the PSA allotted time frame.  In addition, if you are acquiring net mineral acres we have the capabilities to not only handle the transaction but also simultaneously capture data into our real time online database so that you can hit the ground running as soon as the asset closing date.

With a decade of Due Diligence project management experience and a pool of accomplished talent, R&O Energy is well positioned to fulfill our client’s due diligence needs. Our track record includes more than $4 billion in transaction due diligence covering over half a million acres in Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas & Oklahoma.

We have assembled a highly experienced due diligence taskforce, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice for oil and gas A & D projects. This Responsive Energy Due Diligence Team (REDD Team) consists of project leads, each with an average of 10+ years of Oil and Gas experience and a passion for due diligence.

R&O Energy and the REDD Team

  • 10 years of managing due diligence projects

  • $4 billion of transactions

  • 500,000+ acres in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas

  • Project leads with 10+ years O & G experience

  • A passion for due diligence

The REDD Team is supported by a regiment of tier 1 landmen, many being CPLs or RPLs, all ready to quickly mobilize for acquisitions with expedited due diligence timelines. R&O Energy has the capacity to deploy teams of any size, frequently managing projects with 100+ landmen.

A Specialty Field

Due diligence is a specialty field requiring a team adept at quickly evaluating the scope and nature of an asset and comprehending the unique circumstances of a transaction. R&O’s REDD Team specializes in doing these evaluations and quickly implementing programs to expeditiously meet or exceed the Due Diligence evaluation thresholds of our clients. Although the procedures and methods we implement have been successfully used on many projects, we’re astutely aware of a client’s changing needs and the diversity of transaction parameters. Each project will vary in size and nature, timeline to close, the requirements and thresholds of the acquiring party and the ability to claim defects under Purchase and Sales Agreements. R&O’s REDD Team is accomplished and skilled at identifying these specifics and militarily executing the appropriate plan.